Gear Hanging Pack Strap


  • $11.38

Gear straps? What the heck are gear straps? Glad you asked! It's a new concept that fills a void in the outdoor market that has been needed for a long time now!


Take this scenario for example - you're out camping with your family, everything is going great until the rain comes in strong and leaves the ground a puddle of mud. What do you do? If you hiked up into the mountain, the only option for a clean and dry location would be your tent. Now that's fine if you don't mind giving up your sleeping space to host your backpack and food. 


Now enter gear-hanging straps...


Same scenario, this time you brought your gear hanging straps. Quickly you set up your straps on a nearby tree, and with the 6 (12 connection points) aluminum T hooks and you're able to get your backpack, cooking utensils, shoes, drinks and more off the ground. 


Such a simple yet SMALL solution that you'll wonder how you ever survived before without it!


• Keep your camping gear clean and away from the mud by using the pack strap to hang it from any tree of branch with ease!


• 9' Poly-webbed tree strap with 6 Aluminum Alloy T Hooks


• Each Aluminum T hook is fully adjustable by sliding on the straps and can hold 80Lbs


• Simple setup that takes under a minute with a branch or tree trunk


• Perfect for hanging backpacks, clothes and even trash bags while camping


• Extremely lightweight at only 5 ounces


• Includes nylon cinch top carrying bag

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